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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Ryan Meinika Expands to His Third Spring-Green Lawn Care Territory

Ryan Meinika

Ryan Meinika recently expanded for a third time on October 19, 2016. David Dawson, Spring-Green’s Director of Franchise Operations at Spring-Green’s corporate office in Plainfield, IL says of Meinika, “Ryan’s commitment to the Spring-Green system has been one of the biggest contributors to his success. He also continues to keep a focus on aligning the correct marketing investments for his business’s size and desired growth. Ryan has also turned his focus over the years to building a solid Spring-Green team.” When Meinika started his first Spring-Green franchise back in 2005, he […]

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6+ Must Haves for Your Lawn and Landscaping Website

You may have experienced great success with direct mailings, social media or word of mouth. But in today’s world, your business needs to have a website. Today’s customers want to know why they should hire you and to see your green industry expertise. Your website needs the following 6+ parts to engage your visitors, keep them on your website and move them along in the sales process. 1. Homepage This is the first place where most people go to when they click on your link from Google or plug your company […]

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3 Simple Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Social Media

You’re busy getting your crews out to mow lawns, build patios and create dream backyards. Yet, you know that you need to stay in front of your customers and sales prospects in the fast-paced social media world. It’s important that you find time for social media in order to keep your current clients updated on your lawn care services, attract new sales prospects, and connect with your audience. How can you make the most of your social media? Tip #1: Start With Facebook Before you start tweeting, posting and snapchatting, […]

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Safety Tips for Green Industry Professionals

safety tips

Focusing on safety is vital for green industry professionals, particularly when it comes to fuel for your equipment. Take the time to make sure your employees are aware of the proper procedures for refueling as well as operating machinery. Not only will a clear understanding of the necessary precautions reduce the risk of fire and related injuries, but also it will prevent any health issues stemming from fume inhalation. Use the correct equipment To start with, stress with employees the importance of using the mowing equipment with the right engine […]

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