“Investing in your Success”

Businesses Working Together

Special Terms for Owners of Green Industry Businesses

We recognize the value that you’ve built in your existing business, and we don’t believe that we’ve earned any right to what you’ve already established. By operating a separate business (new entity) and co-locating the businesses, we’ve seen great success in keeping operational costs at a minimum, improving efficiencies and cross-selling services between businesses.

In the event there are conflicting services, we’ll discuss which services make sense for your existing business to retain and those that may be best performed by Spring Green. In all cases, we’ve been successful finding a mutually beneficial way to accommodate every unique situation.

Qualified programs for reduced territory fees and phased-in royalties are all standard practice for us. In addition, our willingness to help secure the needed financing is designed to accommodate situations where an owner needs a financial vehicle to “bridge the gap,” providing the liquidity to meet their start-up expenses.

“Once we have agreed it is a good fit for both parties and if needed, we may provide the financing to properly fund the business.”

James Young, COO, Spring Green


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