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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Economic Growth Means the Time Is Right for Diversification

In the first quarter of 2017, the Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate twice, a sign in the Reserve’s faith that the United States economy is finally beginning to perform again after a long downturn. The base interest rate is now between .75 and 1 percent (as of March 2017), which has inspired further confidence in the economy. What does this mean for you? Well, among other things, it means that now could be a perfect time to make an investment in the future of your business by diversifying. […]

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12 Social Media Tools To Use For Your Green Industry Business

social media tools

There was a time when social media was an optional tactic for marketing your green industry business — but that time is not now. If you’re not using social media to spread the word about your business in addition to traditional marketing tactics, you’re missing out. A huge population of prospective customers is spending time online, using social media to make purchasing decisions…and if they aren’t getting information from you, they’re getting it from your competitors. If you’ve taken our advice (okay, it’s not just our advice) to go digital, congratulations! […]

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The Power of Peer Groups: 7 Benefits Of Belonging To A Peer Group

peer groups

Do you sometimes think you’re all alone as a business owner? Would you like to be able to bounce ideas off on another business owner who understands what it’s like to own a lawn care, landscape or pest control company? Then you should consider a peer group. Everyone needs to be able to bounce ideas off of like-minded people. The power of peer groups allows you to work through ideas and problems as well as to grow profits and succeed in business. Peer to Peer Groups Peer to peer groups, […]

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Scott Garcia Acquires A Neighboring Spring-Green Lawn Care Location

Scott Garcia

Garcia began his career with Spring-Green as a manager and later purchased the franchise he managed. Since then, he expanded his Spring-Green franchise to four territories. When Garcia first bought his franchise he had 300 customers, but through his efforts he has grown his customer base to over 2,300. Garcia credits much of his success to the marketing efforts and support provided by Spring-Green. He also believes that his excellent customer service allows him to attract more customers in his territory. “Over the first couple of years, we focused on […]

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Marketing on a Budget: 10 Zero Cost Marketing Ideas

free marketing ideas

There is a lot of information related to free or low cost marketing ideas, but it’s hard to choose which one since there are hundreds of great ideas available online. The most popular types of no cost marketing strategies and tactics comes through social media and your local newspaper. Here are 10 zero cost marketing ideas to save you some money if you are on a budget: 1. Social media: Most people are online and it’s easy to learn how to use social media platforms. Figure out what channels your […]

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