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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Recognizing Our Veterans

In recognition of Veterans Day 2014, we would like to reflect on the service provided by our men and women in uniform serving both at home and overseas. At Spring-Green, we have a special reverence for those who serve. Spring-Green’s chairman Tom Hofer—a veteran of the Navy who served in the Vietnam War as a pilot conducting anti-submarine missions—and many of our franchise owners, too, have served our nation with distinction. People like Jim Anderson, Mike Bell, Matt Denney, Lenny Geibel, Eric Chapman, Roger Grose, Jim Hoelsworth, Kevin Holker and Bruce […]

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Get Out The Vote

On November 4th voters around the country will turn out and elect all 435 of our nation’s representatives, 33 senators, 38 governors, 46 state legislators, and a countless number of local elected officials. At Spring-Green Lawn Care, we know the value of voting. In fact, much of the great work we do is owed in part to elections. To begin with, Spring-Green’s National Advisory Council, which is elected by area franchisees, helps new and existing franchises provide the kind of quality lawn care customers have come to expect. Run by […]

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