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Monthly Archives: June 2015

The Importance of Re-Projecting Your Business Plan

Business Plan

In the green industry, spring is a vital time of the year. It’s during those few short months that you make the majority of your sales and determine how the rest of your year will go financially. Though beneficial to project your business prior to spring in order to establish goals, revenues costs, cash flow and projected profits, it’s equally as important to re-project after spring when you have actual numbers to work with. Why should I re-project? The biggest reason to re-project is to work with a more accurate […]

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National Mosquito Control Awareness Week


American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA) has designated June 21 to June 27, 2015 as National Mosquito Control Awareness Week. The AMCA is an international organization of nearly 2,000 public health professionals who are dedicated to protecting the public’s health and well-being through safe, environmentally sound mosquito control programs since 1935. There are over 3,000 different species of mosquitoes throughout the world and 176 recognized in the United States. Mosquitoes can be an annoying, serious problem during the warmer months. They interfere with work and spoil hours of leisure time later […]

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Building a Profitable Green Industry Business Requires Attention to the KPIs


Most lawn care operators got into the business because they enjoy being outside and providing green, weed-free lawns to their customers as opposed to sitting behind a desk crunching numbers.  But, as the business grows, the best operators have incorporated the right balance of data analysis into their management so they can track their progress.  This right balance of data analysis is often found through focusing on a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in the business. The Benefits of Using KPIs Not every number or piece of data is […]

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Lawn Care Training Courses: Spring-Green University

Spring-Green University

Spring-Green University and the Lawn Care Training Gap In the green industry, most businesses generate less than $500K in revenue, and they have small or non-existent budgets for training. However, the need for creating lawn care training processes and developing their people is the same as it is for a large organization. Business owners often find themselves providing the training with limited structure or documentation. So, how do you balance the need to focus on landscape and lawn care training so your business can grow, provide consistent service, maintain your […]

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Spring-Green Named a Top 100 Lawn and Landscape Company Once Again

Top 100

Since 2005, Spring-Green Lawn Care has been named one of the Top 100 Lawn and Landscape Companies in North America by Lawn & Landscape magazine. This year, Spring-Green ranked 26th on the list, which was published in May. Spring-Green is a family owned and operated organization, who has recently begun recruiting qualified green industry business owners who are seeking to diversify and expand their service offering. Spring-Green Lawn Care has been delivering lawn fertilization and weed control services to residential and commercial customers in 26 states for over 38 years. Spring-Green […]

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Using Digital Marketing to Grow Your Green Industry Business


Dave Vojta became involved with Spring-Green Lawn Care when he purchased an existing franchise in Peoria, IL in 2005. Dave had plenty of experience in the green industry with three years running his own lawn service business and 13 years working at the largest national lawn care company in North America. When Dave joined, he was most interested in the preexisting customers and revenue, but through his investigation of being associated with a franchise system, he began to see the value.   “I did not believe that I needed a franchise […]

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