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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Spring-Green Profiled in Turf Magazine

Turf Magazine, the comprehensive publication on all things related to lawn care, recently featured Spring-Green Lawn Care in a three-part series about franchising. Part one, released in April, focused on the top franchisors in lawn care and their programs to seek out independents in the industry that are already performing services that can be enhanced by adding the Spring-Green Lawn Care model to their own brands. This program is called the Green Associate Roll-In Program. James Young, president of Spring-Green, is creating new opportunities for would-be franchisees and a conversion […]

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Happy Mother’s Day from Spring-Green Lawn Care

We could do a contest on this post telling readers to send in their response to “Who created Mother’s Day?” But that’s not fair in this age and time, because our readers can Google that fact just like we did. There are some discrepancies. Some say it was Woodrow Wilson who declared in 1914, that we put aside a day to honor our mothers. He made a presidential proclamation and everything! Others say that a lady names Julia Ward Howe thought the holiday up way before Wilson, in 1872. Still […]

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Mosquito Week!

Every year Shark Week raises awareness for the most feared creature of the sea, but fewer than a dozen people a year actually die from shark attacks. Surprisingly enough, the animal that kills more than 725,000 people a year is the mosquito. This is why philanthropist and Microsoft founder Bill Gates is calling attention to the deadly insect by naming this week Mosquito Week on his blog. Despite their tiny size, mosquitoes carry devastating diseases including dengue fever, yellow fever, encephalitis and malaria to name a few. They can be found […]

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