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Monthly Archives: August 2015

The Benefits of Cross-Selling between Lawn Care Businesses

Wade Herndon - Spring-Green

Maybe it is a downturn in the economy, labor challenges or a season of bad weather that is impacting the profitability of your green industry business. No matter what the issue, ultimately you want to achieve your financial goals. The Spring-Green business model is designed to maximize your profitability by creating a synergy between the services of your existing business and the lawn care services provided by Spring-Green. Customers will benefit from the “best of both worlds” — a dedicated locally-owned provider who brings the know-how, efficiency and support of […]

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Increase Profitability for Your Lawn Care Business with Customer Density

customer density leads to profitability

Spring-Green understands that there are many services in the green industry that will drive revenue, but not all services are created equal in terms of improving your bottom line. With a route-based lawn and fertilization business, one of the best ways to boost profitability is to increase the density of your customers. Our highly efficient system is focused on maximizing our franchise owners’ profitability while still providing a great value to customers. How exactly can a Spring-Green franchise deliver greater operational efficiency to your lawn care business? First, our targeted […]

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Is Spring-Green the right strategic partner to grow your green industry business?

Wisconsin business owner joined Spring-Green

Have you ever wondered what percentage of your business comes from recurring revenue? As you scale your business, does the bottom line improve proportionally? Or what about how secure that service revenue is if tough economic times hit again? “Once I learned about the marketing programs and the ongoing support, I was convinced adding a Spring-Green franchise was the best growth opportunity for my business.” – Mike Valestin, Franchise Owner Maybe you are starting to think about retirement or possibly a family member has expressed interest in joining the business. When […]

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