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Monthly Archives: May 2017

4 Effective and Strategic Tips for Marketing to Millennials


Millennials are now starting to buy houses and are the newest consumers to target and incorporate in your marketing strategy. While many of them would rather not have to settle on a specific location, others are planting roots and starting their families. You have a great opportunity to connect with millennial consumers and add them to your customer list. In this blog, you’ll learn valuable tips to market to the youngest generation – millennials. It’s All Digital Whether you love internet marketing or not, your millennial sales prospects are engaging […]

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The Leaky Bucket: Bringing Lapsed Customers Back


Did you know that you can save money by retaining your current clients compared to gaining brand new customers? Studies have shown that it’s easier and less expensive to keep customers versus having to lead a new customer through the sales process. You don’t want to spend a fortune advertising your lawn care, landscape, or pest control business. Instead, you can save money and have higher profits by retaining your present clients and bringing back lapsed customers to your business. The Leaky Bucket The leaky bucket refers to a company […]

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11 Ideas to Rock Your Next Community Event or Trade Show

booth event

Have you recently hosted a booth at your local home and garden event? Did you get good leads from the trade show? Or did you have a lot of people stopping by and dipping into your candy bowl? And what about your staff at the trade show? Did they talk to people who stopped by or were they off chatting with other booth holders? Or worse yet, flipping through their phone and ignoring visitors? You want your employees to be engaged with visitors while they’re on booth duty. So it’s […]

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Why Your Green Industry Company Needs Social Media and Traditional Marketing

social media and traditional marketing

You’ve heard that social media marketing is really important to getting more leads. Matter of fact, you’ve been influenced by ads or posts that you’ve seen on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Yet, you still really like looking at and using those coupons that appear in your customers’ mailbox. Should you do one or the other? Or should you forget about traditional marketing altogether? As advertising experts point out, your green industry business still needs both social media and traditional marketing methods. Difference between Social Media Marketing and Traditional Marketing If […]

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