“Investing in your Success”


Q: What is the total initial investment for a Spring-Green franchise? 

A: The total investment necessary to begin operations of a Spring-Green Lawn Care business can be found in Item 7 of the Franchise Disclosure Document.  This figures represents the cost incurred in starting a new lawn care business within our franchise system.  If you operate an existing business in the Green Industry the cost of opening the business may be less if you have existing items meeting our criteria that can be used in the business.

Q: What is a franchise fee?

A: The franchise fee covers costs incurred for putting the franchise owner into business such as training, travel, administration, salaries, legal expenses, and marketing and advertising to attract candidates.

Q: What is Spring-Green’s royalty? 

A: The royalty fee is an ongoing fee that is paid weekly based on gross sales of your lawn care business. Spring-Green calculates the royalty as a percentage of gross sales and provides a declining royalty scale as gross sales thresholds are met. Before starting a lawn care business, we can help you determine if you are eligible for the Green Associate Program that offers a reduced royalty fee for the first lawn care season after you begin operations as a Spring-Green franchise business.

Q: What is the length of my Spring-Green Agreement? 

A: Spring-Green awards franchises for a term of ten years.

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