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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Supporting the Warrenville, IL Healing Field

Healing Field

Monday, May 25th was Memorial Day, and there were many charitable events and locations to attend in honor of present and past servicemen and women. One of these events was the Warrenville, IL Healing Field, hosted by VFW Post 8081. Spring-Green’s President, James Young, attended the local event along with his family. The Healing Field & Field of Honor Flag Display Programs are organized by the Colonial Flag Foundation, which was first established in 2003 in Sandy, UT. The first event was prepared as a way to visualize the enormity […]

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Digital Marketing Strategies for Green Industry Businesses: Part 2

More Digital Marketing Strategies for the Green Industry Business Owner As digital marketing strategies evolve, it’s important to remain ahead of the pack in order for your customers to find your lawn care or other green business online. In Part 1, The Mystery behind Search Engine Optimization, we discussed how SEO as an element of a digital marketing strategy benefits green industry business owners. We outlined the basics of SEO and how to better your online presence by following a few simple internet rules. Not only is SEO important when […]

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Digital Marketing Strategies for Green Industry Businesses

green industry

When marketing your green industry services—whether you own a landscaping, lawn care, or related business– there is a lot of confusion in the digital marketing space on the “how to” and “best practices.” Digital marketing continues to change and the ability to keep up as a small business owner can be a challenge. In the next several blog posts, we will try and outline the things that matter to a green industry business as it relates to digital marketing strategies and the management of your digital footprint so customers can […]

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