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Monthly Archives: September 2016

The Value of Coaching to a Green Industry Business

business consultant

Anyone who has ever played a sport knows the value and benefit of having a coach in your corner, tweaking your form and guiding your efforts. Simply put, a good coach makes you better. Spring-Green Lawn Care recognizes the role this kind of guide can have for a franchise owner. That is why every one of our franchise owners is paired with a dedicated business consultant to not only help them as they start their journey with Spring-Green, but also to stay with them throughout the lifespan of their business. […]

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The Benefits of Perimeter Pest Control


One of the keys to building a successful green industry business is diversification, offering a variety of services, from landscaping and hardscaping, to mowing and maintenance. While lawn fertilization and weed control are Spring-Green’s core offering, owners can also offer several other services such as fire ant, mosquito and grub control, lime treatments to improve soil pH and core aeration. Perimeter pest control is another option that can provide a company a great year-round value to balance out the seasonal nature of lawn care. Spring-Green Lawn Care has found great […]

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Green Business: Legacy Planning for Your Business

legacy planning for the future

Background: Steve Hopper started in the green industry at the end of the 2004 season with a Spring-Green franchise in Cumberland County, North Carolina. Starting from scratch as a franchise owner gave the father of two daughters a unique perspective on the opportunities and assistance Spring-Green offers its franchise owners. Problem: Raised on a farm in eastern North Carolina, Hopper spent some of his 20s in that line of work, before pursuing a career in sales. But neither career felt exactly right. “My dad raised me with the idea that […]

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Fall Lawn Care Trends

fall lawn care

Setting the stage for success Creating and executing a solid business plan is vital to your success in the green industry much like winning the NFL championship requires a lot of planning and execution. As the NFL fans across the nation get ready for the the preseason to begin, Spring-Green Lawn Care is also preparing for one of our busiest seasons. Much like your favorite NFL team, Spring-Green Lawn Care knows that one of the keys to a successful lawn care business is preparation. That is why we schedule planning […]

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Love and Lawn Care: Husband and Wife Business Partners

Rodney and Heather Gaddis

For many, owning and running a business with their family is a dream. For Rodney Gaddis and his wife, Heather, that dream has been their reality for more than 25 years. Gaddis started in the lawn care industry when he was 17, eventually starting his own mowing and maintenance business in 1984. Heather joined him in his business, Gadco, based in Franklin, Tennessee, when they married in 1989. Problem: The Gaddises were interested in assistance with staying current with laws and regulations around the green industry. Additionally they had discovered […]

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