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Monthly Archives: February 2017

How to Make the Most of Direct Mail Campaigns

direct mail mailbox

Customers can’t hire you if they don’t know you exist. One way to ensure that your green industry company’s name is top of mind when lawn care needs arise is by utilizing an effective direct mail campaign. This tried and true tactic—if planned and implemented well—can be highly effective when it comes to gaining visibility and enticing new customers. The basics of direct mail campaigns When it comes to creating an effective direct mail campaign, you want to start with identifying your target market. If you aren’t marketing to your […]

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How to Keep a Small Company Vibe While You Grow

growth while maintaining small business vibe

When you started on your path to entrepreneurship in the green industry, one of the factors that may have called you to go out on your own was the ability to create an atmosphere, a vibe so to speak, that was unique to your company. Of course, you also wanted to create a successful business, one that would grow and expand, providing you and your family with a stable and sustainable income. How can you reconcile that urge to grow with maintaining a small company vibe? Here’s how: Transition from […]

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Spring-Green Lawn Care Welcomes Newest Franchise Owner Keith Ives

Keith Ives

Spring-Green Lawn Care is proud to announce its newest franchise owner, Keith Ives, of Evergreen Exteriors in Clinton Township, Michigan. Ives started in lawn care in high school, working with a neighbor cutting grass during the summers. After high school, he joined the Marine Corps and when his service was over, went to work for a large company in the area. “I was running all of their operations as the operations manager, and I figured, I’m doing everything already so I might as well go into business for myself,” he […]

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How to Set the Right Prices for Lawn Care Services

setting the right prices for lawn care

Pricing is a challenge for any business, but new green industry business owners are especially aware of this struggle because of the seasonal nature of the work. On the one hand, you need to set prices that allow you to have an income during the down months, but on the other hand, you don’t want to overcharge and send customers to your competitors. How can you find that sweet spot in terms of what to charge for lawn care services? How to establish prices When it comes to what your […]

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How to Up-sell Customers without Pressure Selling

upsell services pressure selling

As a green industry business owner, you know the value of having existing customers add-on services. You earn more money from one interaction, while saving the time and expense of marketing to and servicing multiple customers. Sign you up, right? Well the key is making your existing customers want to use more of your services without feeling pressured. No matter what business you are in, here are three tips anyone can try to encourage customers to up-sell without any hardcore sales pressure from you: 1. Link the up-sell to the […]

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