“Investing in your Success”

Are You Ready?

Attitude & Willingness to Participate

Having the right attitude and willingness to participate is as significant as any financial investment. You won’t succeed if you’re not mentally ready to use the resources available to you as a Spring Green franchise owner. So as you go through discovery, ask yourself

  • Am I comfortable with the Spring Green culture and value systems?
  • Am I ready and willing to share in the collective success of a network of business owners, sharing financial and operational best practices?
  • Am I receptive to change in marketing and technology, and am I prepared to commit to continuous learning?
  • Do the current Spring Green franchise owners’ stories align with what I am seeking?

“The hardest thing for a small business is to admit that somebody can do it better than you can.”

Barry Robinson, Owner of CSI Home and Commercial Services and Spring Green.

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