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Monthly Archives: April 2023

6 Tips For Managing Client Expectations

When running a business, it’s not all about bringing in new clients, but keeping the ones you have too. Managing client expectations is no different. Of course, it helps to keep your current clients happy, but it also ensures you have enough room to bring on more. In fact, retaining clients is overall more profitable than gathering new ones — and that’s why companies with higher retention rates typically bring in more money. Want to learn more about what it takes to convert and keep your clients? Let’s take a […]

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Different Generations at Work: How to Make it Work

According to recent research, the vast majority of workers in every generation (89%) see age diversity at work as positive. They cite the positive benefit of learning from different generations in the workplace. But that doesn’t mean they expect smooth sailing. In that same study, 78% of respondents said they also believe intergenerational work can lead to conflict. Learning to make it work means understanding the characteristics of each generation. For instance: Baby Boomers, born 1946-1964, tend to be loyal workers who collaborate and respect authority. Generation X, born 1965-1980, are dedicated to […]

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The Benefits of Diversification

Just like in your investment portfolio, diversification is important for your business too. Before we dive right into the ways you can diversify your business, let’s define what diversification really is. In terms of investing, diversification means ensuring that you spread your capital amongst different investments. The reason to do this is so that your success is not contingent on one revenue stream. The same is true for diversification with your business. Being dependent on only one revenue source can put your business at risk. There are many concrete reasons that speak to the benefits of diversification, such as:  Reducing the […]

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