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Monthly Archives: August 2017

How to Grow Your Green Industry Business To Sell

grow to sell

Think about why you started your business. Maybe you were 15 years old, mowing lawns for neighbors during the summer to raise money for your senior trip. Maybe you graduated from college and loved being outside so much you found a way to make it your job. Whatever your reasons were then, chances are you aren’t spending a ton of time mowing lawns or enjoying the outdoors these days. So what’s your “why” now? And do you have an exit strategy planned? These are all important questions to ask yourself […]

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Understanding Your Profit and Loss Statement

profit and loss statement

I’m betting you didn’t start your business to become a financial expert. You’re not alone. The overlap between financial accounting geeks and green-industry pros is pretty slim. But it pays — literally — to understand the basic finances of your business. Not only should you be able to read your profit and loss statement (otherwise known as a P&L), but you should also understand how to use the data on the statement to run your business smarter and more efficiently. To help you develop that basic understanding, let’s take a […]

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Give Yourself a Break! 5 Tips to Increase Work-Life Balance

work life balance

According to a 2015 Gallup study, the average full-time employee in the United States works 47 hours a week — now multiply that by the “small business owner factor.” It might be easier to calculate how many hours you spend NOT working. Are you constantly putting out fires? Is your smartphone buzzing nonstop with texts and emails from employees? How much time do you spend working in your business, rather than working on it? When’s the last time you took a vacation? Work-life balance isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the […]

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Spring-Green’s National Training Conference Help Those in Need

2017 National Training Conference

Spring-Green Lawn Care Corp. just completed celebrating their 40th Anniversary in business with our National Training Conference, Optimize for Success, on August 2nd through the 4th in Oak Brook, IL.  Spring-Green Franchise Owners from across the US gathered to network with fellow Franchise Owners, listen to inspiring presentations from Marty Grunder, well known landscape owner and Green Industry speaker and Jay Baer, a respected consultant on building customer relations. It was an incredible 2 and a half days of learning, laughing and reflection on business building. National Training Conference Silent […]

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