“Investing in your Success”


Executive Team Keeps Its Eye on the Future

A balanced team of progressive minds and experienced thought leaders guide the Spring-Green organization. Together they combine a deep experience in all aspects of the company — sales, marketing, business plans, vendor negotiations, and franchise relationships. At the same time, the leadership recognizes the rapidly changing landscape and invests in the training and technology that keeps the company out in front of best practices.

  • Ted Hofer
  • Tom Hofer, Chairman
    Tom led the evolution of Spring-Green Lawn Care brand for more than four decades. He provided the vision and financial responsibility needed to navigate the changing marketing place and survive not one but three recessions. Tom also provided the organization with its moral compass which is the basis of the current core values and mission of the company. Tom retired in June of 2010 and assumed the Chairman of the Board role for Spring-Green Enterprises, the parent company of Spring-Green Lawn Care Corp. He is enjoying traveling with his beloved wife, Sue, and spending time with their grandchildren.
  • Ted Hofer
  • Ted Hofer, CEO
    Ted grew up around the Spring-Green business and saw firsthand the sacrifices his father and mother made in the early years. After graduating from the University of Illinois with a degree in finance, Ted pursued his entrepreneurial roots by opening and eventually selling, another franchise. Like his father, he was able to apply his business ownership experience and the perspective of a franchise owner to his efforts in leading Spring-Green Lawn Care. Ted rejoined Spring-Green in 2005 and as part of a succession plan held various positions throughout the organization. Ted assumed CEO responsibilities in June of 2010. As the CEO of Spring-Green Enterprises—the parent company to Spring-Green Lawn Care Corp.—Ted’s responsibilities including setting and executing the vision for the company and leadership for all its wholly-owned subsidiary’s which include Spring-Green’s Lawn Care’s largest franchise servicing the greater Chicagoland area.
  • James Young
  • James Young, COO
    Serving key leadership roles and several advisory boards and committees at other franchise systems, James is known for his innovative thinking and ability to get things done. James’s education was rooted in marketing and that foundation has been instrumental in the resurgence of Spring-Green Lawn Care. Joining in 2004 and assuming the role of President in 2005, under his leadership the company has positioned itself with industry-leading marketing and technology platforms.
  • Brian Kish
  • Brian Kish, Vice President of Business Intelligence
    Brian Kish has served as Spring-Green’s vice president of business intelligence since June 2010. From January 2006 to May 2010, Brian served as the director of information technology. From December 1998 until December 2005, Brian served as the IT manager/franchise support representative. Brian joined Spring-Green in 1984 and is married with two adult children.
  • Mark Potocki
  • Mark Potocki, Vice President of Business Development
    Mark Potocki rejoined the Spring-Green team in October 2019, as Director of Business Development. His recent work with Franchise Dynamics, a franchise management consulting firm, provides real-life practical experience and a deep understanding of what business owners are looking at when they decide to grow their business. Mark has served as a guest speaker at the IFA Legal Symposium as well as regional Franchise Business Networking and Women’s Franchise Network events. Mark has been awarded three STAR awards at the Franchise Update Leadership Conference for best practices in his sector and has been seen on Fox Business News discussing the benefits of home and mobile franchises in today’s economy. Mark brings a skillset uniquely suited to help small business owners understand the benefit of owning a Spring-Green franchise. Mark is married with three children.
  • Nancy Babyar
  • Nancy Yunker, Franchise Development
    Nancy has been an essential part of the Spring-Green team for over 30 years.  Nancy joined the Spring-Green team in January 1989 as an Administrative Assistant.  She was the first voice you heard when calling our office and worked for the Support Department.  Over the years she has been involved in almost every aspect of Spring-Green.  In January of 2013, she went full time in the Franchise Development department.  She now works with candidates as they walk through the Franchise discovery process.  Her knowledge of Spring-Green and her dedication to the candidate makes her perfect for this position.  Nancy is a long-time resident of Seneca and has five adult children.  She enjoys spending time with her family.
  • Brad Johnson
  • Brad Johnson, Vice President Of Franchise Operations
    Brad is an accomplished operation professional who has a track record of building and empowering teams. He worked ;with The Melting Pot Restaurant and earlier in his career, he had regional responsibility with Starbucks Coffee and was also involved in the early stage evolution of the St. Louis Bread Company. Under Johnson’s direction, his 10-member support team became recognized industry leaders and he attributes much of this to his proactive work with the organization’s National Advisory Council and his strong commitment to building lasting relationships with franchise owners. Brad understands how important or franchise owners are to us and how this family-owned business places its core values ahead of winning at all costs.