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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Know Your Competition

know your competition

Sir Francis Bacon is credited with saying “Knowledge is power.” Anyone who owns their own business understands the importance of having insight into what the competition is doing — from the services they offer to the marketing tactics they employ. Green business owners are all too aware that competition in their line of work is fierce. Owners need the best available market insights to be competitive. Proven marketing programs and technology platforms can make all the difference when it comes to giving your green business the necessary edge to power […]

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7 Green Industry Trends for 2017

Confidence in the lawn and landscape industry has grown over 2016. Lawn & Landscape’s 2016 State of the Industry report indicated that median revenue increased over 2015, and more and more company owners expressed optimism and confidence about the odds of growing their revenue in 2016 versus 2015. If the mood is generally positive, what are some trends that green industry companies need to be aware of to keep the outlook positive in 2017? Maintenance, such as lawn mowing, weed control and fertilization, is your moneymaker, but design and build […]

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Franchising vs. DIY – A Green Business Owner’s Perspective

DIY or franchise

You are ready to embrace your entrepreneurial spirit and develop your own green industry business. Congratulations! Maybe you have been wrestling with whether or not you want to build your business the DIY way or sign on with an established franchise system that gives you the benefit of their experience and support. Read on for the pros and cons to help you make the best decision for you and your family. The DIY way If you dream of being your own boss, then owning a green industry business on your […]

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Green Industry Business: 5 Marketing Tactics to Boost Sales

marketing tactics boost sales

The world of marketing for a green industry business continues to evolve. Adhering to the methods that worked even 10 years ago is no longer an effective way to keep your business going, much less boost sales. After almost 40 years Spring-Green Lawn Care has built a solid foundation, and we are constantly looking for ways to better market our services, introduce new ideas to enhance operational efficiencies and improve training to benefit our franchise owners in our quickly evolving world. Read on for our top five marketing tactics for […]

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