“Investing in your Success”

Monthly Archives: September 2013

Franchisee Profile—Ben Whitehouse

Ben Whitehouse joined the Spring-Green family earlier this year as part of our Green Industry Franchise Program. Like many soon-to-be franchisees, Whitehouse had a corporate business background and became interested in his own lawn care business from a desire to build something of his own. Ben and a friend started Whitehouse Lawns in 1998, but after 12 years in business, decided he needed further support to grow the way he wanted. That’s when he discovered Spring-Green. “I wanted to scale out my business more than I’ve been able to do […]

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How We Set You Up for Success

Among the most important tools any new business owner is armed with is knowledge. Spring-Green Lawn Care takes pride in the exceptional standard of service its many franchisees provide to their community and consider every new owner to be an investment. In order to make sure franchisees are starting in the best place possible, Spring-Green gives every new owner support through our Manager Training Program. The training program is a two-pronged approach to new owner support: initial start-up support and ongoing operational support. We know there are many facets of a […]

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Spring-Green Lawn Care Wishes You a Happy Labor Day!

Spring-Green Lawn Care wishes all of its customers—and our support center employees—a very happy Labor Day. Did you know the Labor Day holiday was first created at the turn of the 20th century in order to recognize the social and economic contributions of American workers to all our lives, every day? All of us at Spring-Green not only appreciate all those contributions, but are proud to make them ourselves. Our franchise owners, employees and the communities we serve know how hard we work, and how proud we are of what we […]

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