“Investing in your Success”

Spring-Green Profiled in Turf Magazine

Turf Magazine, the comprehensive publication on all things related to lawn care, recently featured Spring-Green Lawn Care in a three-part series about franchising. Part one, released in April, focused on the top franchisors in lawn care and their programs to seek out independents in the industry that are already performing services that can be enhanced by adding the Spring-Green Lawn Care model to their own brands.

This program is called the Green Associate Roll-In Program. James Young, president of Spring-Green, is creating new opportunities for would-be franchisees and a conversion type program for those already working in related areas such as tree trimming.

“It’s an obvious match,” Young said. “These independent operators are specialists and are looking for more revenue. Once they have won the trust of the homeowner and are caring for their lawns, flowers or trees, it just makes sense to get all the lawn care business at the home. Better for the franchisee and better for the homeowner who now only has one person in charge of maintaining the entire property.  The benefit for Spring-Green is we get an experienced lawn care professional as a franchise partner.”

According to the article, which will conclude with its final segment in the June issue, 7,500 communities are now under contract with Spring-Green and the company experienced a 90 percent revenue growth in the 2000-2010 decade.

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