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Happy Mother’s Day from Spring-Green Lawn Care

We could do a contest on this post telling readers to send in their response to “Who created Mother’s Day?” But that’s not fair in this age and time, because our readers can Google that fact just like we did.

There are some discrepancies. Some say it was Woodrow Wilson who declared in 1914, that we put aside a day to honor our mothers. He made a presidential proclamation and everything!

Others say that a lady names Julia Ward Howe thought the holiday up way before Wilson, in 1872. Still others say a different lady Anna Jarvis came up with the idea in 1907.

Apparently both ladies suggested a holiday devoted to peace which has nothing to do with Mother’s Day that we can think of, but hey, they got some credit for this. The really important thing is that there IS a Mother’s Day now.

At Spring-Green Lawn Care, we are not only grateful for all of our staff members who are Moms, but we want to reach out to all of our customers who are Moms and let them know how much they are appreciated too. We’re grateful for women like Nancy Babyar who just recently celebrated her 25th year with the company!

Here’s a tip for Dads and Kids. Now that the lawn looks so awesome, how about making Mom a nice brunch on Sunday and serving on the patio?  Show her some of your new soccer moves or set the table with some beautiful flowers.

Show Mom that you want to give her the kind of day she’s always giving you.