“Investing in your Success”

Know Your Competition

know your competition

Sir Francis Bacon is credited with saying “Knowledge is power.” Anyone who owns their own business understands the importance of having insight into what the competition is doing — from the services they offer to the marketing tactics they employ. Green business owners are all too aware that competition in their line of work is fierce. Owners need the best available market insights to be competitive. Proven marketing programs and technology platforms can make all the difference when it comes to giving your green business the necessary edge to power your future success.

Marketing and technology

As a green industry business owner you know that you and your competitors are all vying for the same customer. How can you distinguish yourself? It starts with having a firm grasp on the latest in marketing and technology. Promoting your lawn care business online is essential for generating inquiries. You must not only set-up and optimize your web pages, but also monitor your reputation on social media and manage your pay-per-click and ad word campaigns. Doing this is essential to make the most of your online presence.


Next, determine the best households to target so your marketing funds are invested wisely. Marketing analytics can help by constantly monitoring results in real time, providing a key metric for constant improvement. Together these two things help you maximize your efforts, creating greater efficiency for your green industry business. And time saved is money and effort saved.

Collective knowledge

Another way that you can get ahead of your competition is by being the most knowledgeable. Cultivate an environment where the collective knowledge of the business is shared with all. By sharing information, you can propel the success of your overall business faster than if you all operate in your own silos.

Make an effort to stay updated about the latest in lawn care best practices, as well as new innovations in marketing. Stay focused on your path to success, particularly in terms of planning for your green industry business’s future—create three-year and five-year plans. If you know of or can create a regional peer group that allows you to meet with fellow business owners, do so. It’s a great opportunity to share knowledge and best practices, while focusing on ways to foster continuous improvement. Finally, attend vendor expos and take advantage of any continuing education opportunities to learn about new products, equipment, marketing programs and operations.

Want to learn more about how to stay ahead of your competitors? Spring-Green’s industry leading marketing and technology helps franchise owners beat out the other green industry players in their areas, let us show you how. Call 1-800-777-8608 or visit us at www.growmygreenindustrybusiness.com.