“Investing in your Success”

Supporting the Warrenville, IL Healing Field

Monday, May 25th was Memorial Day, and there were many charitable events and locations to attend in honor of present and past servicemen and women. One of these events was the Warrenville, IL Healing Field, hosted by VFW Post 8081. Spring-Green’s President, James Young, attended the local event along with his family.


The Healing Field & Field of Honor Flag Display Programs are organized by the Colonial Flag Foundation, which was first established in 2003 in Sandy, UT. The first event was prepared as a way to visualize the enormity of human loss that occurred in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. But, as hundreds of volunteers gathered to help, it soon became evident that something much more was emerging. It became a personal gesture of support, a tangible expression of mourning, and a very real healing experience.


Since then, the Colonial Flag Foundation has been helping to organize hundreds of events across the country. Their mission is to implement programs to promote patriotism, a sense of civic duty and honor for those who serve our country. Their programs encourage volunteerism and unity, generate awareness and raise funds for a wide array of issues in support of civic, service, and other nonprofit organizations, and create an environment that helps to heal, honor, celebrate and educate.


The Healing Field in Warrenville, IL featured a Memorial Day ceremony, flag raising and lowering, and the opportunity to “Tag a Flag,” where you are able to dedicate a message to veterans or service personnel. There were 500 American Flags arranged in perfect rows and columns as a tribute to those who sacrifice their time, talent, and lives for our freedom. The program is based on three levels of sponsorship and the charitable donation was made to VFW Post 8081.