“Investing in your Success”

Spring-Green Welcomes Franchise Owners Lee & Yvonne Nisly

Spring-Green Lawn Care is proud to announce its newest franchise owners, Lee and Yvonne Nisly. The Nisly’s will service Wichita and Hutchinson, Kansas and their surrounding communities.

Background in Business

Lee Nisly, a seasoned green industry expert, started his career working at a maintenance company when he was in high school. Together Lee and Yvonne purchased Lee’s Lawn Care in 1999, which was a dream of his. “I enjoy working outside on lawns and interacting with customers. I also enjoy the flexibility that it provides for myself and my family” said Nisly.

Diversifying & Expanding

Their existing business has grown over the past decade, although it has been a slow growth, it provided the couple with the opportunity to run the business out of their home. As time went on, they weren’t seeing the growth they expected, so they turned to Spring-Green. “We were spinning our wheels and then one day we received a call from Spring-Green about diversification and it provided us the help we were looking for,” said Yvonne. “They know how to scale businesses and their system allows for us to grow at a manageable level.”

System of Support

“We are very happy with how Spring-Green has worked with us. They have been flexible which helped us minimize our debt,” expressed Yvonne. For the Nisly’s, the support that Spring-Green provides is what ultimately provided the reassurance they needed. “The idea of having a system that someone else has tried and succeed at appealed to us. We are looking forward to attending peer groups and building relationships with other franchise owners,” said Lee.

When looking for a business to work in conjunction with their current business, the Nisly’s were looking for several key elements: support, guidance, system & processes, and ongoing support. “The support we get from Spring-Green allows us to grow and manage the business the way it needs to be done.”

“We are excited to have Lee and Yvonne expand into the Wichita and Hutchinson market and we look forward to helping them achieve their goals and dreams,” said James Young, President of Spring-Green Lawn Care.