“Investing in your Success”

Looking for a Quality Partner

While some existing business owners might see the value in expansion through a lawn care franchise, most would have trepidation’s of why they would add a franchise to their current business. Reasons for these apprehensions range from fear of having to change their name, overall cost, the value of royalty and the potential of being told what to do. After all, these business owners ventured out on their own for a reason.

At Spring-Green, we understand this uncertainty and while we pride ourselves on our value system and Midwestern roots, we work diligently to overcome those perceptions. This includes focusing on the idea of building a profitable lawn care business at an accelerated growth rate that can provide recurring revenue for future generations or be part of an overall wealth building strategy.

The Spring-Green lawn fertilization and weed control services operate in conjunction with an existing green industry business and… there is no name change required! While we can come across bossy at times (think of it like your spouse suggesting you should work out more or eat better), it is the right advice, even if we don’t always appreciate it.

Hear how Green Industry business owners feel about the strategic partnership with Spring-Green. 

Our Discovery Process

Spring-Green has established a two-way investigation process, or discovery process as we like to call it. This multi-step exploration is designed for both parties to evaluate a strategic partnership that is both sustainable and profitable for all. From the introductory call and interactive marketing and operations webinars to our popular Discovery Day, the process allows candidates to ask questions and evaluate if and how a Spring-Green lawn care franchise works in conjunction with their existing green industry or pest control business, as well as how it will help them achieve their personal goals.

During this discovery process, we are also evaluating candidates to determine if they would be a good face of the Spring-Green brand in their local market. We will study their P&L to understand how their current business operates and often travel to see their location to determine several things. Is it presentable, or do they run a dirty shop?
While we chose to expand our services through franchising, our long-term success has a lot of emphasis on our partner selection. Spring-Green has a history of building larger operations from the ground up and we pride ourselves on the relationships with the franchise owner. The Spring-Green business is often being built with the next generation in mind. It is a great feeling to help one generation build it and then another transition in ownership.

Case in Point: Frank Garrett

Frank Garrett

A perfect example of a business owner who had a negative perception before looking into Spring-Green is Frank Garrett. Frank, owner of Federal Pest Solutions in North Texas, was expecting to be strong-armed when he first began talking to Spring-Green about becoming a franchise owner. “When I first started the investigation process, I honestly expected at the end of the first conversation to get off the phone and for the Spring-Green person to say, ‘Sign on the dotted line.’”

But he quickly learned that the first conversation was only the beginning. He discovered that we were as thorough about checking out his business as he was with us. “I got on the Internet and started looking at all the different lawn care franchises out there,” he recalled. “Spring-Green wasn’t looking to add hundreds of franchisees, they were looking for quality. And I was in an interview. They needed to know I was a good fit for them like I needed to know they fit me.”

As the discovery process went on, Frank was impressed with the level of support and information that Spring-Green offered him, particularly the robust technology platform that centralizes data, providing him the benefit of the collective knowledge of the entire franchise system. “They take the mistakes out, and they’ve got the knowledge,” he said. “They know what to market. They know what works, and they’ve got a great idea to get you up and going.”

He estimated that the progress he made with Spring-Green in the first two years would have taken him five to seven years on his own. Not only has Frank experienced continued growth with his Spring-Green business, but he has also seen Federal Pest Solutions grow. “I see the Spring-Green business helping Federal Pest grow, even outgrowing the pest control business.”

Learn more about Frank Garrett’s Spring-Green experience through his video or read his case study. If you would like to begin discovering if Spring-Green is the right fit for your business future, contact us at (800) 777-8608 or visit the website.