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How To Set Performance Goals For You and Your Employees

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One Gallup survey recently reported that approximately 69% of employees whose managers encourage them to set (and measure) goals are more engaged as compared to those who don’t. According to that study, those who don’t, weigh in at only 8%. This stat along with countless others make the undeniable case for creating performance goals for your team. Of course, you can count on the Spring-Green team to support you as you roll out this important element of your team-building strategy. 

How can I set strategic and measurable goals that will help my employees grow?

  • Create personalized performance goals for employees. Do not take a cookie-cutter approach to your performance goals. Each employee is unique. Each role in the organization is unique. Performance goal programs often fall short by trying to force everyone into a mold that does not resonate, make sense or motivate them. Be sure to allow for some personalization in the goal-setting that takes into account the employee’s skill level, the parameters of their role within the organization, and how that ties into your overarching business objectives. 
  • Allow employees in the planning and creation of performance goals. Empowerment is a key element in the creation of a successful performance goal program. Many businesses create performance goals in a silo and then bring the goals to employees creating a disconnect. By empowering employees to get involved during the planning, you will ensure that there is buy-in and that the goals fit into what is actually happening in the business. 
  • Be realistic but not shortsighted. Finding the balance between setting performance goals that are attainable and challenging is the key to success. Too many “stretch” goals that can’t be reached. Creating stress, confusion, and discourage employees when they don’t reach the goal. On the other hand, setting the benchmarks too low can cause complacency. The sweet spot is a mix of goals that are a challenge and goals that are definitely achievable through dedication. 
  • Set up a measurement mechanism. Setting goals without a way to measure them is somewhat of an exercise in futility. Be sure to have realistic and quantifiable metrics in place to allow you, as the manager, as well as the employee, the ability to see into the successes or the shortcomings. This will be an important way for you to gain deep insights into how your business is performing at a granular and overall level. 
  • Anticipate what to do if your employees succeed or fail. After the plan is rolled out and the measurement has been defined, an important final step is to strategize about what you will do to reward your employees when they meet or exceed your expectations. Of course, you’ll have to define what will happen if they fail. Will you reward successful employees with recognition, time off, monetary bonuses? Will you handle shortcomings with additional training, warnings, and monitoring? The choice is dependent on how the employee best responds. 
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To help your employees stay on track, you’ll need a solid and consistent plan that will take some legwork. The effort is well worth it as these strategies can help employees improve performance and job satisfaction. The resulting impact on your business will be key to your growth and success. The difficult part about performance management is that it takes effort, customization, and insight. It’s not a simple act of handing out a set of goals to all. Spotting a weakness, identifying external challenges, and having difficult conversations can also create hard work. In the end, the hard work will pay off in the form of better customer experiences, a happier, more productive workforce, a better reputation for your business, and a lift to your bottom line.  

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