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Customer Service: What Can Small Business Learn from Big Business?

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Standing out as a small lawn care company used to be pretty simple—just focus on providing the best customer service. The advent of the internet and social media changed the playing field for what constituted good customer service, however, now big companies can interact on a more personal level, too, whether through messaging and live chat or social media. How’s a local green industry business to compete against the 24/7 capabilities of larger organizations?

Listen to your customers.

One of the keys for quality customer service is truly listening to what your customers are saying. This means not only the words they use, but also the methods they use to communicate with you. More and more of today’s consumers are reaching out to businesses via apps or social media. If you don’t have a presence in these areas, your customers may turn to someone who does.

Use social media wisely.

The great thing about social media is it allows you to quickly, easily and broadly communicate with your customers. They feel like you’re listening, and you are able to maximize your customer service efforts. But there is a downside to using social media as well—that same ease of use and broadness of message can have a negative impact. Think carefully about what you are putting out there before you post.

Keep it personal and meaningful.

We’ve all been on the receiving end of a canned customer service response. Avoiding that kind of interaction is essential for a small lawn care company. Every interaction with a customer needs to feel personal. Putting a little extra effort into your interactions can mean the difference between that customer recommending you to friends and family or having a bad experience go viral.

Don’t just deliver, anticipate.

Customer expectations are higher than ever. One way to ensure you aren’t letting your lawn care clientele down is to anticipate their needs. This shows customers that you are not only paying attention to them personally, but also that you are forward thinking when it comes to customization. No one wants to feel like a number or an afterthought.

Simplify your service.

Today’s consumers are busy. The more ways you offer for them to engage with your green industry business, the higher their level of satisfaction will be. Try to look at how you interact with customers through their eyes. Are you straightforward in your offerings? Do you communicate your visits and services clearly? Is there any follow up to see if everything was to your customer’s satisfaction? Stripping away the extras and focusing on these questions can help you address potential problem areas.

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