“Investing in your Success”

It’s back to school time at Spring-Green Lawn Care

Many of us in the Spring-Green family have already sent our kids off to school. For many parents, the new school year means hectic days of transporting the kids to school and extracurricular activities. On top of the normal every day schedules, working parents often have to scramble on shortened school days, holidays and institute days. Having the flexibility to adjust to changing schedules is one of the best parts of being a Spring-Green owner according to many of our franchisees.

Work in the field can be done around a family’s schedule. If there is a non-attendance day on a Wednesday, for example, our owners will plan accordingly and put in extra time in the field on the other days. Many of our owners are also actively involved in their children’s extracurricular activities, taking leadership roles such as coaching youth sports or leading Indian Princesses and Boy Scout groups. Entrepreneurship affords the flexibility that many positions in corporate America don’t.

The next time you have to miss a school event or soccer game because of a work commitment, consider becoming a Spring-Green franchisee. Chances are if you join our system, you’ll never have to miss a family commitment again.