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5 Signs Your Green Business is Ready to Grow

growth grow your green industry business

As a green industry business owner, your day is probably already quite full with managing customer expectations, coordinating employees and staying on top of all the little issues that crop up day-to-day. While you know you need to think about growing your business at some point, the timing may never seem quite right. How can you know when you and your lawn care business are ready to take things to the next level? Here are the five signs your green industry business is ready to grow.

1. You can’t handle existing customers in a timely manner.

If you find you aren’t servicing your existing clientele in a reasonable time frame, that’s a good sign you should consider growing your lawn care business. If you and your employees feel overwhelmed day after day, it will catch up to you, most likely in terms of customer service. When you start sensing your schedule is getting overbooked (or you even have to turn work away!), take a hard look at whether or not your business needs to expand.

2. New customers are coming to you.

Your green industry business is working so well that new customers are reaching out to you for your services. Whether this is due to your own diligent marketing efforts or simply satisfied customers telling their friends, family and neighbors, if this is consistently happening to you, this may be your moment to expand or diversify your service offerings.

3. You are ready to delegate some control.

When your green industry business is ready to expand, you will probably have to become more strategic and less hands on in your dealings with the company. If that’s not something you are comfortable with, then you (and your business) may not be ready to grow. Adding new services often results in your role changing and letting your employees take on some of the responsibility you used to shoulder.

4. You’ve researched what you need to do to expand.

Growing your business doesn’t happen overnight or on its own. Maybe you have intuitively felt that your market has unmet demands or an area nearby is untapped in terms of their lawn care needs—if so great. But you need to back up that gut feeling with hard facts. Take the time to analyze any data you can find before you make the leap.

5. All the goals you set for your business have been met.

Smart green industry business owners have set goals for their business. If you have checked everything off on your one-year, 10-year or however long business plan, your next step may well be an expansion. Achieving your goals is often a solid sign that your growth is not only warranted, but that there are probably some additional opportunities for your green industry business to pursue.

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