“Investing in your Success”

Josh Monti


“With Spring Green’s support and an exceptional team, I transformed my entrepreneurial vision into a thriving business, allowing me to focus on strategic growth.”

Josh Monti
Owner of Spring Green
Olympia, WA

Green Industry Partner

Josh Monti’s journey in the green industry began in middle school when he started mowing lawns. This passion carried him through high school and college, where he pursued a degree in hotel and restaurant administration with a particular focus on golf and country clubs. During his college years, Josh interned at the Tacoma Golf and Country Club, serving on the green crew and nurturing his keen interest in cultivating beautiful landscapes.

Before becoming a Spring Green owner, Josh owned a few different companies one being his own landscaping materials hauling business called “A Few Yards Hauling.” Essentially, he had always been deeply rooted in the green industry, and his own yard was a testament to his commitment to excellence.

Reflecting on the journey, Josh emphasized the multitude of elements required to run a successful business, from managing social media and support services to executing marketing campaigns and strategic business planning. In light of this, Josh found Spring Green to be the obvious choice, offering comprehensive support and allowing him to invest with confidence in his green industry passion.

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