“Investing in your Success”

Ryan Fuxa

“Acquiring an established Spring Green business has streamlined my journey, providing an existing customer base ready to thrive as soon as I signed the papers.”

Ryan Fuxa
Owner of Spring Green
Waukomis, OK

Green Industry Partner

Ryan Fuxa’s journey into the green industry began in 2011 when he assumed control his father’s mowing business. This marked the start of his enduring connection with the world of landscaping and lawns. Concurrently, while running this business, Ryan pursued a career in law enforcement, serving as a police officer and ultimately becoming a sheriff.

Ryan’s experience in law enforcement has played a pivotal role in shaping his success as a business owner. The discipline, leadership, and problem-solving skills honed in his law enforcement career seamlessly transitioned into his role as an effective and forward-thinking entrepreneur.

What drew Ryan to Spring Green was the opportunity to diversify his mowing business and provide customers with a broader range of green industry services. Beyond its potential as a business venture, Spring Green held a special place in the retirement plans of Ryan and his wife, Marla. They viewed it as a means to secure their financial future and ensure a comfortable retirement in the years ahead.

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