“Investing in your Success”

Jon Thurman

“By taking care of my customers and emphasizing good customer service, I believe we’ll succeed.”

Jon Thurman
Owner of TrimWorks and Spring-Green
Springfield, MO

Green Industry Partner



Like many others, Jon Thurman got his start in the green industry mowing lawns as a teenager. He originally began his career in lawn care to help him pay for college but found more success than he anticipated within the business.

“I didn’t plan on doing it after graduating, but it was doing so well that it didn’t make sense to do anything else,” he said. Instead, Thurman applied his college degree in business administration to growing his own business, Trimworks.

By his early 20s, however, he was tired of mowing. He wanted to find work that was year-round, and irrigation fit the bill.

“With mowing being seasonal, I had to lay guys off in the winter and fight to get crews back in the spring,” he said.

Within the next five years, Thurman also started offering landscaping, dirt work, landscape maintenance, grading, and installation services on top of irrigation. He’d begun exploring other options to grow his business and considered purchasing an existing local company — until he learned about Spring-Green Lawn Care franchising opportunity.

“I got a letter from corporate saying there was a local franchise interested in selling,” Thurman said. “I had seen their trucks around and liked how professional they looked. The timing was perfect.”

Spring-Green gave him all of the resources he needed to make a move.

Learn how Spring-Green put Jon on the path of success by viewing his video or reading his profile.

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