“Investing in your Success”

Chris Casselberry

“If we’re real successful, this will have been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Chris Casselberry
Owner GreenSeasons and Spring-Green
Baton Rouge, LA

Green Industry Partner



Chris Casselberry, of GreenSeasons in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, needed to increase market share. GreenSeasons, his family-owned and operated business had the resources, but he needed help to achieve his long-term growth goals—expanding the business to cover the entire state and creating a sustainable business to pass on to his four sons. Spring-Green offered the assistance Casselberry needed to start growing into those other markets.

Spring-Green’s highly targeted and personalized direct marketing program, national call center and group buying power proved to be big benefits. Systems the support center provide allow franchise owners to monitor their key performance indicators (KPIs) on a daily basis, comparing goals, historical data and information with that from other Spring-Green franchises. With these tools and the help of his business consultant, Casselberry was able to leverage the collective knowledge of the entire organization to benefit his business’ growth.

Casselberry has found the marketing plan he and Spring-Green created to be another advantage of the partnership. “One of the nice things with Spring-Green is you get all the numbers to know if your business is going in the right direction. In landscaping, you can’t really get an idea where your cost should be and operation profits should be. Spring-Green does have a lot of people to help us out. When we have questions, they’ll find the answers.”

Could Spring-Green be the answer for another company in Casselberry’s opinion? “I’d recommend any green industry company to talk to them because I think it’s a good partnership.”

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