“Investing in your Success”

Travis Rector

“I prefer to be out in the field with customers, so having the support from Spring Green will reduce the time I will need to be at my desk in the office.”

Travis Rector
Owner of Northwest Lawn and Landscape and Spring Green Lawn Care
Toledo, OH

Green Industry Partner


In late high school, Travis Rector began Northwest Lawn and Landscape as a way to cover his bills. What started out as a weekly mowing business later turned into landscape design, installation and maintenance.

Already aware of the benefits diversification would bring to his customers, he wanted to find a company that would help him expand his services while achieving growth goals. With much research, Travis knew that Spring Green could do just that and more.

The main factor in Travis’ decision of owing a Spring Green business was the ongoing support that franchise owners receive from dedicated business consultants and the support center team. It was important to him that he be able to do what he loves—spending time out in the field speaking to customers and working with his team. And having assistance with full-service marketing, reporting, annual business planning and more, he is able to successfully run the office side of the business and be out in the field doing what he loves.

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