“Investing in your Success”

John Sayers

“I’m seeing better profits, more productivity, and even more with employee retention.”

John Sayers
Owner of JFS4 Enterprises and Spring-Green Lawn Care
West Conshohocken, PA

Green Industry Partner



In 1989, John Sayers began his career in the green industry with general lawn maintenance, mowing, and fertilization. Sayers knew he wanted to expand his business even further, but the lack of marketing was holding him back.

“When I looked into Spring-Green, I found that there was extensive training including annual business planning, professional development seminars, regional peer group meetings, along with a national training conference which includes vendor exhibitions,” said Sayers.

A main factor that drove Sayers to join Spring-Green Lawn Care is the ongoing support and the proven business model. “The ongoing support they provide has helped me ensure that we have expert guidance whenever and wherever we need it,” said Sayers. “I’m very confident in my decision to join Spring-Green Lawn Care and the fact that they have been in business for over 40 years only helped me validate their business model and processes.”
Not only is Sayers a Spring-Green franchise owner, he is also the CEO of JFS4 Enterprises in West Conshohocken, PA (just west of Philadelphia). JFS4 Enterprises is a high end residential maintenance company that has been in business for 31 years with services ranging from mowing, snow plowing, and even masonry work.

Sayers made the choice to expand with Spring-Green because he was looking to grow in the lawn care industry. It is very competitive in his area and he hopes that by having a strong franchise system behind him, he can be successful in his decision, as well as to help grow JFS4 Enterprises. When Sayers came in for his discovery day, he was impressed to say the least. “It was kind of like what I always wanted to have when I was younger. The big corporate office look, the right personnel in the right spots, because as a business owner, you’re wearing all the hats. It gets to the point where I thought by adding Spring-Green, I could live life a little bit,” said Sayers.

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