“Investing in your Success”

Jim and John Mercon

“I’m seeing better profits, more productivity, and even more with employee retention.”

Jim and John Mercon
Owner of Nature Cuts and Spring Green
Valparaiso, IN

Green Industry Partner



Working side by side together, as father and son.

Jim Mercon has been involved in the green industry since 1996 when he started Nature Cuts, which focuses on residential and commercial lawn mowing, landscape, and clean-up services.

Mercon has always been an entrepreneur at heart. “I enjoy the freedom of working for myself and being able to share the business with my family,” said Mercon. Jim went on to say that he is very fortunate to have such support from his wife and children.
Jim’s Nature Cuts business is well-established, serving over 400 customers weekly. There’s a growing market in Valparaiso and surrounding areas and by adding Spring-Green Lawn Care, Mercon will begin offering lawn fertilization, weed control, mosquito control, and pest control, as well as core aeration, overseeding, and tree and shrub care.

“Being an entrepreneur is in my blood, however being part of a franchise system, such as Spring-Green Lawn Care, will help drive our business further and faster than we could have done independently,” Mercon stated.

“Spring-Green has a strong marketing and operational support system; that’s what attracted me to the business. In addition, the fact that Spring-Green has been in business for over 40 years and is family-owned, led by its second generation, aligns well with what we are building. It says a lot about the culture of the organization and its values,” said Jim Mercon.

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