“Investing in your Success”

Derek and Andrew Turner


“Ultimately, you’re in business to make a profit, so profitability drove us to Spring-Green. They fit with our plan and our core values, so it made sense.”

Derek and Andrew Turner
Owner of Tyger River Outside Scapes and Spring-Green Lawn Care

Green Industry Partner



Entrepreneurship runs in the Turner family.

Andrew Turner is a seasoned green industry expert and began his landscaping career at the age of 15. Ever since, he’s been interested in beautifying people’s lawns.

Andrew, along with his father Derek Turner, diversified with Spring Green so that they could grow the lawn care side of their landscaping business.

They knew that Spring Green would operate in conjunction with their existing business while providing hands-on support along the way. “The way they go to market, the people they have representing the company, the integrity they showed, and the support they provide are all key factors that led to the decision to become a Spring Green Lawn Care franchise.”

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