“Investing in your Success”

Spring-Green Diversification

Diversification Can Be Scary. Here’s 5 Ways to Cut Your Risk.

diversify your business through growth

As owner of a Green Industry business, you’re always facing business planning and management challenges. From managing projects to making the next sale the list can seem endless. For many, diversification holds the key. Diversification offers many benefits for Green Industry business owners, when done well. Over almost 40 years in business, Spring-Green Lawn Care’s franchise owners have shared their top list of diversification benefits that we share below. Generate reliable recurring vs project revenue No doubt the Green Industry has its ups and downs, depending on what services you offer […]

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Diversify to Thrive: New Recurring Lawn Care Services Power Growth for Successful Landscaping Business


Background: For over eight years, Mike Valestin has built and run his successful landscaping company in Milwaukee—Valestin Landscape. Problem: Mike built patios on a one and done basis, with at best, the hope of a referral at the end of the job. He wanted not only a change of pace, but to diversify and expand his business. Idea: Mike determined that if he added services that were needed on a recurring basis, he could generate more revenue from his existing customers as well as attract new ones. Solution: “I decided […]

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Grow Your Lawn Care Business by Diversifying

diversify your green business

Skeptical about the value in being part of a franchise? Ben Whitehouse, owner of Whitehouse Lawns was, too, until he found himself at a crossroads, unsure of the most profitable way to grow his lawn care business. Whitehouse had built his own successful lawn care and maintenance business in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area, starting from scratch in 1998. After 10 years in business, Whitehouse acquired a competitor’s business, which doubled his revenues and gave him more business in both the commercial and upscale residential markets. Whitehouse knew the lawn […]

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