“Investing in your Success”

We have a winner!

Earlier this year Spring-Green conducted a combined survey and contest with green industry professionals. Those who completed and returned the survey were entered to win a new iPad®. The winner, chosen at random, is Randy Sutton of Bluegrass Landscaping & Irrigation Inc., in Henderson, Kentucky. Congratulations on your new iPad, Randy!

In the survey, green industry professionals were asked to complete a quick, five-question survey which inquired about which services they offer, how many years they’ve been in business, how many employees they have, what percentage of their business is “weed & feed,” and how much of their business is residential versus commercial. Participants were then asked what is most important to them in running their business, and what their biggest challenges are. From the results it’s clear that green industry business owners all share a number of the same concerns. Chief among these concerns are how to grow their business, find the right employees and, most importantly, develop a business that will help prepare them for retirement.

We have always thought one of the greatest advantages of starting a franchise is the support that comes built in to the operation and the marketing resources necessary to grow in today’s fast-paced world … the kind of steady growth and scalability green industry business owners crave. Our training program and start-up support to our ongoing operational and marketing support gives owners the tools they need to make the best hiring decisions right off the bat and to set their business up for growth from the start. And for the myriad business owners who can benefit from a franchise’s support but who already have businesses set up and running, we offer our Green Industry Program and Green Associate Roll-In Program. Many businesses already have a solid foundation, but need that extra boost that a franchise provides to make sure that when you’re ready to bow out, you can sell your business and retire comfortably.

So congratulations again to Randy Sutton and thank you to all the green industry professionals who participated in our survey!