“Investing in your Success”

What Will it Take to Grow Your Green Business?

businessAnyone embarking on a new business knows the importance of profitability. Building on almost 40 years of experience, Spring-Green Lawn Care focuses on helping green industry businesses not only improve their profitability, but also thrive in a competitive marketplace.

Spring-Green’s higher standards are one of the the key components, explains CEO Ted Hofer, standards which Founder Bill Fischer established. “Three out of our four higher standards—quality, service and professionalism—were there on day one,” he says. “They form the basis of the service we provide our customers.”

It starts with the customer.

Spring-Green franchise owners understand the value of the company’s recurring revenue model and marketing and technology tools, particularly when it comes to building their businesses’ profitability through discovering new customers and retaining existing ones.

Our marketing programs allow us to more cost effectively identify potential prospects,” Hofer says. The work to find people most likely to sign up for services is done by the Spring-Green Lawn Care Support Center, making it even easier for franchise owners. “Franchise owners make the decisions, but then the programs run on a pre-approved schedule so they don’t have to worry about it,” Hofer adds.

Then there’s the security of the recurring revenue model that Spring-Green provides franchise owners. “You can count on a significant portion of your revenue to be recurring,” Hofer shares. “Due to the quality of our service that gives franchise owners a nice, strong base coming back year after year.

Working together makes us stronger.

It starts with the idea that you should be working on your business instead of in your business.  Hofer admits that often sounds easier to do than it really is. This is where the power of Spring-Greens’ collective knowledge separates the company from others in the green industry.

With 75 current franchise owners, those new to Spring-Green benefit from the years of accumulated experience their peers possess. “If you are going into a new business venture with Spring-Green, you know there are 75 others who already have gone through what you are,” Hofer says. To add to that sense of community, Spring-Green offers franchise owners peer groups (which meet twice a year), as well as a biennial conference and an online question and answer board for additional communication.

“To start a business on your own, you often feel alone, like it’s all on your shoulders, but at Spring-Green we not only have the support center to help you through those first few years, but also there’s a lot of knowledge in the whole franchise system—some owners have been with us for three decades.”

Hofer also highly recommends joining a local business peer group, or starting a group of your business peers that meets a few times each year. “A peer group meeting forces you out of your hectic day-to-day operations to spend time focused on your business.” He adds, “A well-structured peer group with active participants also means you’ll have others to hold you accountable to the actions you say you will do.

Another franchise owner success story.

Success with Spring-Green can take many forms. Hofer cites Rodney Gaddis’ non-traditional path. Working with his wife, Heather, the couple built their Spring-Green franchise in conjunction with their commercial mowing business in Franklin, TN, which was, at the time, a brand new market for Spring-Green. “They just went over $500,000 in revenue last year and are expanding into neighboring Murphysboro,” Hofer shares.

They have grown to be a strong addition to the Spring-Green brand and big contributors to Spring-Green’s collective knowledge. They exemplify the opportunities that Spring-Green provides franchise owners to grow from a one- or two-person operation and achieve diversification and profitability.

“I’m proud of our performance for the last 40 years,” Hofer concludes. “We still have the same enthusiasm for growth today that we had in the beginning.”

To learn how Spring-Green’s can help expand your green industry business call 1-800-777-8608 or visit us at www.growmygreenindustrybusiness.com.