“Investing in your Success”

The Road Ahead with Spring-Green, Part 2

What better way to spend some of the green industry’s off-season than preparing for the next year? Spring-Green’s national support center works to capitalize on that downtime, helping franchise owners plan the future of their business while always keeping in mind their ultimate goal: to realize their personal and professional aspirations and dreams. The two-day annual business planning event is designed to do just that.

During day one, franchise owners will hit the ground running with a S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis that will establish the areas they need to address in their business today and in the future. On day one they will also begin working on their database and its integrity by reviewing reports, updating information and studying data that will help shape future marketing initiatives.

On day two, franchise owners construct their annual marketing and business plans. While a dedicated business consultant is assigned to each franchise owner, the support center takes a team approach during this event, bringing their expertise in various areas including digital marketing. Discussions this year are centered on coaching owners on how to improve their digital footprint and make the most of their local marketing to help influence their search engine rankings and performance. Beyond marketing, topics include cash flow planning, labor costs and material costs. The support center focuses the discussion around profitable growth for the year ahead and into the future, and conversations may include reviews of weekly performance comparison reports, profitability scorecards and other key performance indicators.

Franchise owners leave knowing they received an objective review of their current and future business. “They know what needs to be done and have constructed a realistic timetable to achieve their desired outcomes,” says RJ Krone, director of operations.

Don McLuckie, owner of Spring-Green Lawn Care of Clinton, DeWitt and Davenport in eastern Iowa said, “I have been coming for eight years and always find value in the discussion around the numbers. There is no better way for me to step outside my business, look at it objectively and construct the blueprint I need to obtain my goals. The Spring-Green support center continues to add value to my business, and I look forward to the continued partnership.”