“Investing in your Success”

Technology Trends for Green Businesses


When it comes to anticipating and planning for the latest trends, Spring-Green Lawn Care prepares like no other green business. Our corporate office dedicates itself to keeping franchisee owners ahead of the curve, with the most up-to-date technology to power all your marketing and operational needs. Here’s some examples:


Green businesses looking to grow their business know how important managing customer expectations can be when it comes to not only keeping clients, but also attracting new ones. Spring-Green can help with our customer expectation report. According to R.J. Krone, vice president of operations at Spring-Green, the expectation report is a game changer for franchisee owners. “The surveys are trying to get ahead of the game in terms of setting expectations and having actionable items for the franchisee owner,” he explains. The reports educate the customer, while giving franchisee owners the knowledge they need to help clients achieve the results they want.

Another important feature Krone cites is a list of prospects Spring-Green provides, something that franchisee owners find crucial. “However a customer came to look at us, it tracks them.” This allows franchisee owners to reach out to potential customers to encourage them to continue their investigation of Spring-Green or even provide an estimate.


In today’s world, we demand efficiency—whether it’s in our personal lives or our business interactions. Spring-Green knows how important automation and efficiency is to its franchisee owners. Our marketing and analytical tools, built from proprietary software, set Spring-Green and our franchisee owners apart in the green industry. Paul McDonald, director of information technology at Spring-Green, shared exactly how detailed and beneficial these tools can be for franchisee owners. “Franchisee owners don’t have to worry about sending out marketing campaigns or even who to market to. We have a tool that allows them to pick their mailing list—by zip code, subdivision, demographic—then they can do things like mail to a specific subdivision to help build density in an area for a stronger customer base.”

With mobile devices being the go-to method for many people to connect, Spring-Green’s mobile app offers another valuable sales and marketing tool in the field. It creates property evaluations on site, instantly emailing the data to prospective customers. “Within minutes of a technician completing an estimation, a customer can see the information on our website,” McDonald explains. Having all your customers’ information at your fingertips in the field gives Spring-Green franchisee owners a huge advantage.


In the world of digital marketing, everything is local. That is why Magen Wielgus, digital marketing manager at Spring-Green, helps franchisee owners ensure their online presence is consistent—across all social channels and their website—to claim even more local listings. In 2015 that meant Wielgus emphasized pay-per-click advertising. This included remarketing, which used a cookie-based technology to create an online ad to follow anyone who interacted with Spring-Green’s website but who didn’t follow through on a purchase to bring them back.

Spring-Green continues to move forward with the pay-per-click efforts, while adding a focus on updating local Facebook pages in 2016. “We’re trying to help every franchisee owner be as optimized as possible by populating their Facebook pages with original content and photos to boost their rankings in their local markets,” she says.

Want to learn more about our industry leading technology? Contact Spring-Green to see how we can prepare your green business for the future. Discover how we can help you be more efficient with the latest marketing techniques. Call 1-800-777-8608 or visit us at www.growmygreenindustrybusiness.com.