“Investing in your Success”

Spring-Green’s Professional Development Seminar Series

DSCN0503During the winter and early spring, Spring-Green’s expert on lawn care Harold Enger will travel to over 20 cities throughout the winter and early spring to host professional development seminars to benefit franchise owners’ staff and managers alike. The topics Enger will discuss include things like sessions on customer service, best practices for handling cancels in the field, injector system calibration and troubleshooting, invasive weeds and their control, common diseases and management practices.

Each seminar represents a terrific learning opportunity, as every session is drawn from the wellspring that is Spring-Green’s extensive knowledge base. That knowledge base didn’t form out of thin air; it comes from decades of experience providing lawn care using the most up-to-date means available.

That access to collective knowledge is one of the defining aspects of being a Spring-Green franchise owner. With Spring-Green, franchise owners never have to go it alone; combined with an unparalleled support system, industry-leading marketing and technology, and access to knowledge to keep their business on the cutting-edge, franchise owners can be confident they’re partnering with a company that’s done this before.

For green industry businesses looking to diversify, this could prove to be even more valuable. Green industry business owners often operate a business parallel to their Spring-Green franchise. Harold’s curriculum on invasive weeds, customers service tips and machine maintenance is valuable for both the Spring-Green business as well as the other side of their business. Think of it as free education and training for your independent pest control, lawn maintenance or even snow blowing business.