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Spring-Green Named as a Top 10 Franchise to Purchase in 2019 by Forbes

spring-green lawn care truck

Forbes Magazine has named Spring-Green Lawn Care as one of the Top 10 Best Franchises of 2019 with an initial investment of under 150K. In an effort to give investors who are interested in purchasing a franchise a look into how different franchise’s line up against each other, the Forbes top ten franchise list is a great starting point for research on available opportunities.

Forbes has commissioned FRANdata by applying a methodology which ranks franchise brands based on appeal and health. This is the fifth ranking that FRANdata has produced for Forbes in regards to the “Best and Worst Franchises” by analyzing over 3,300 active franchise brands between 2013-2017. Out of those 3,300 active franchises, researches chose sixty brands that demonstrated longevity, activity, and scale.

FRANdata has found that there are many different factors to consider when evaluating how a franchise is performing. Five sets of criteria were agreed upon to represent what prospective franchise owners should consider in order to make an educated decision on a franchise investment: System Sustainability, System Demand, Value for Investment, Franchisor Support, and Franchisor Stability.

Fast growth and long-term success are also high indications of the demand and value of a brand. Over the last few years, existing business owners who provide landscaping, hardscaping, mowing, maintenance, and pest control found tremendous value in partnering with Spring-Green Lawn Care to work in conjunction with their current business. They recognize the opportunity to expand their service while leveraging over 40 years of a proven operating system and ongoing support structure of Spring-Green Lawn Care.

“Spring-Green Lawn Care is honored to be recognized in Forbes as one of the Top 10 Best Franchises in 2019” said James Young, COO. “Our top ten designation in the under 150,000 investment was has been well-received by our support staff, franchise owners, and vendors. Knowing that Spring-Green was recognized for its franchise owner sustainability, year over year growth, as well as our corporate fiscal responsibility, was a true testament to the organization’s commitment to the value of franchising and harnessing our collective knowledge. If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes an organization committed to each other to celebrate 42 years of profitable growth.”