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Spring-Green Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary

40th anniversary

Spring-Green Lawn Care is proud to announce that 2017 marks the company’s 40th year in business. Tom Hofer, chairman, shared his thoughts on this significant milestone, “As one of the first Spring-Green franchise owners, I’m proud to see what we all have accomplished in our first 40 years.”

Another milestone for Spring-Green is that it has exceeded $50 million in annual franchise system revenue this year. CEO Ted Hofer said, “It is nice to achieve this milestone, but we have a long way to go to reach our goals. Our commitment to profitable growth remains strong. We will continue to reinvest in our people, and our marketing and technology systems with an eye on sustainability for the next 40 years.”

In 2014, Spring-Green formally introduced its Green Industry franchise program offering diversification
opportunities to existing landscape, hardscape, pest control and commercial maintenance businesses. Ted Hofer said, “There is a growing interest from green industry owners on which services are best to diversify with. Spring-Green has always focused on fertilization and weed control services to residential and commercial properties. Now, savvy businesses owners are seeking to add our high margin, recurring revenue services but looking to do it at an accelerated rate and not having to reinvent the wheel. By operating a Spring-Green business in junction with their existing business it provides them a balanced portfolio, the opportunity to cross sell services and, most importantly, an asset that is transferable when they are ready to sell. Most green industry business today lack this very important component to building wealth.”