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4 Reasons Why a Company Should Run a Background Check on Potential Employees

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You put together the perfect job description, placed it on all the right job sites, sifted through a dozens of resumes, and conducted several interviews. Now all you have to do is extend a job offer and you will have a new employee, right? Not so fast.

A person might seem like the right applicant on paper and even in person, but what do you really know about him or her? Are you sure the applicant did what was indicated on a resume or in an interview? Is there something in this person’s background that could make him or her a danger to other employees or your customers?

In order to protect your company, employees and customers, it is in your best interest to run a background check on all applicants in addition to following up on references.

4 Reasons Why It’s Important to Run a Background Check Before Hiring

Protect Employees and Customers. It is important for a company to provide a safe working environment for their employees. By running a background check before hiring an employee, the company can check for any red flags that might lead to workplace harassment or violence. This is also true for a company’s customers, especially if employees could potentially interact with customers.

Protect the Company. Could a company potentially be liable if an employee does something wrong, which causes an accident? If a company can show insurers, customers or the authorities that they did their due diligence prior to hiring the employee by running a background check (and showing that it did not reflect any issues), the company may be able to limit its responsibility for the problem caused by the employee.

Hire Honest, Safe People. Many companies ask for references, but not all of them call them. If an applicant indicates that he/she earned a degree, worked at a company or did certain tasks, it is important to make sure the applicant actually did those things. Businesses may also limit theft through the results of a background check.

Costs to Fire, Hire an Employee. It will cost a business more in time and money to fire a bad employee because a background check was not conducted rather than taking the time to run the check. Those costs include such things as training, benefits, uniforms, redoing poor workmanship, and more.

A background check is not a guarantee that an applicant will be a perfect employee, but a company could weed out potentially bad employees by including a background check as part of its hiring process.

Solutions to the Hiring Process

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