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6 Questions to Ask Your Accountant For A Profitable 2018

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One thing you can always count on is taxes. However, you want to be able to keep more of your money than giving it away.

So you should take advantage of tax credits and deductions to keep more of your hard earned money in your company. And you may be able to keep more of your money when you ask your accountant key questions.

Questions To Ask Accountant For a Profitable 2018

1. What new tax deductions and credits are available this year?

You need to ask your accountant this question well before April 15. Matter of fact, it’s best to ask that question now so you can start preparing your receipts, invoices and other paperwork to help you get these new tax deductions and credits.

2. What is my break-even point?

Your accountant is the best person to help you figure out your break-even point. They will analyze various pieces of information about your business to determine if your company is making a profit or a loss.

3. How can I increase my company’s cash flow?

To improve your business’s cash flow, your accountant will look at your budget and suggest areas where you can cut back on spending. For example, your accountant might suggest that you cut back on overhead and other budgetary items to tighten your business’s belt.

The goal of improving your cash flow includes opening up areas where money is going that are not vital to your company’s success. By freeing up that money, you’ll have more cash on hand.

4. What can I write-off from my business this year so I can save on my 2018 taxes?

Keep track of all mileage, receipts and invoices so your accountant can calculate the deductions available to you.

Additionally, you can keep more of your cash when you have an accurate inventory list. Your accountant helps you with your inventory by:

-Advising you to count it regularly.

-Using your storage yard and inventory as tax write-offs.

-Advising you on when it’s best to restock your supplies based on your cash-flow plan.

5. What paperwork do I need?

You need to make sure that you have the right paperwork from your independent contractors and your employees on file to avoid any penalties.

6. Could you assess my business?

When you ask your accountant to evaluate your business, they should know your industry beyond the surface. Your accountant will compare other green industry companies like yours to see how they’re making a profit. Then your accountant will work with you to organize your business toward maximizing those same profits.While taxes are a reality, you can work directly with your accountant to control monetary output.

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