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Online Reputation Management


Having a negative online reputation has the ability to affect your business for a long time. However, having zero representation online can hurt it just as much. Think of it this way, if a potential customer is seeking to validate your business’s quality, ability, and longevity, they typically do a quick online search. With little information to represent your business, there is nothing to drive home the quality and accessibility of what you do. No reviews or testimonials deters the prospect and drives them to move on to other candidates. Let’s drill down further on why all these matters with some key points to consider.  

What is an online reputation?  

An online reputation is the digital repour a company has with its customers regarding their product/service. This online reputation is impacted by the content an organization distributes, the reactions of and interactions with web users, activity on social networks, and other digital platforms.  

Why does your online reputation matter?

  • Everyone searches you first. An internet search is the average consumer’s number one method of research. Having negative reviews or a lack of representation will cause the potential client to move on to the next company in line.  
  • Your brand gets stronger. Your brand strength is lifted by your online reputation. Not only does this boost where you are physically placed on the search page; it gives your brand local visibility amongst the community.   
  • You find a competitive edge. Your competition may not have the strongest online reputation that you have. Sometimes this is the only deciding factor for a new customer. Would you choose a highly, positively reviewed brand or a brand with little to none on their review page?  
  • You build trust. Now more than ever, customers are seeking to build trust before the purchase. Trust and quality are what keeps your customers coming back for a long-time. Your online reputation is a crucial part of building that trust, long before you even meet your next customer.  
  • You hang on to your customers. When your customer considers making a switch, your strong online reputation could be the stickiness that keeps them with you. When your reviews are more positive than your competitors, your customers will know you’re the best choice.   

Do Businesses Need a Reputation Management Service? 

It’s been established that your online rep matters, but you may not have the time or resources to create and monitor it. This is where the services of an online reputation management team comes in. They do the heavy lifting to keep your online brand strong and raising your bottom line.  

How can I create an online reputation?   

Follow some best practices on starting to create your online reputation. Easy steps like claiming your Google Business address, making sure your website is indexable, and presenting a well-branded, optimized digital presence is a great start.   

Is it just about the reviews?

Positive reviews are very important to your brand, but they are not the only offender when it comes to poor online reputation management. Below are a few more elements you should be monitoring.   

  • Search engine optimization and management. One of the most essential components of your online reputation is related to SEO. SEO is relevant to how you list your services and ads. When done correctly, SEO helps make your web page/ad more visible to the public.   
  • Content development and management. Quality content is content pushed out onto your social pages or website. This content should be relevant to your target audience and what services/products you offer.   
  • Social media monitoring and management. One of the biggest challenges to online reputation management is related to social media. You need to closely monitor platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Engaging with customers online creates a positive customer experience that supports your reputation.  
  • Review acquisition and management. Online reviews are the foundation of your online reputation. Monitoring your reviews for negative ones and positive ones is crucial. By responding quickly to negative reviews, you show concern and value the customer’s feedback. This is the same with positive reviews.   

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