“Investing in your Success”

Making the transition easier

Nothing lasts forever, and that includes business. There are many reasons an owner may decide to close their Spring-Green business including things like relocation, lifestyle changes and, perhaps most importantly, retirement. Part of being a good franchise company is not just creating a welcoming entry into the system, but also a smooth transition when it is time to exit.

Because the services we offer through our Spring-Green businesses can quickly become a vital part of an owner’s community, we are invested in keeping franchises open even when their owners are ready to move on. To that end, Spring-Green’s corporate support center works hard to help franchisees find buyers for their businesses when the owner is ready to exit. This not only maintains consistency in the services offered to the community, but allows the current owner to pass on knowledge and insight to the new owner. Our franchisees are not just experts on the lawn fertilization and weed control we offer; they’re also knowledgeable about the communities they serve and customers for whom they work. The insight provides valuable, tangible information during a business transition that no one else could.

There is more than one way to retire, and one of our favorites is to pass the franchise down to the next generation. Matt Holker, our franchisee serving Greater Minneapolis and St. Cloud, Minn., decided to partner with his sons Greg, Luke and Kevin in his Spring-Green franchise. When he is ready to retire, his sons will take over the business full time.

Discussing future exit strategy is something we help you think through when you are in the process of buying a franchise, not just when you’re ready to sell. Since we pride ourselves on our owners’ work-life balance, we feel it is important to go over these processes from the very start.

Passing the business to another generation is just one of the many options for our franchisees. And while Spring-Green provides 36-years of lawn and tree care and business experience, we advise you consult with your family and other business advisors before making a decision about the next best step.