“Investing in your Success”

How to Make the Most of Direct Mail Campaigns

direct mail mailbox

Customers can’t hire you if they don’t know you exist. One way to ensure that your green industry company’s name is top of mind when lawn care needs arise is by utilizing an effective direct mail campaign. This tried and true tactic—if planned and implemented well—can be highly effective when it comes to gaining visibility and enticing new customers.

The basics of direct mail campaigns

When it comes to creating an effective direct mail campaign, you want to start with identifying your target market. If you aren’t marketing to your best potential customers, you may be spinning your wheels. Think about which communities should be receiving your information. Also be sure the content of your campaign focuses on how the services you offer will benefit the customer in terms of more free time, having a beautiful lawn or a shorter to-do list.

Next, be sure you have created a call to action that is easy for your customer (or potential customer) to act upon. Do you have a specific special you are running? Do you want to entice customers to contact you for a consultation? Be direct and clear about the action you want them to take.

Finally, don’t be afraid to test the offer via a special tracking code so you can better evaluate your efforts. A good direct mail campaign may require some initial testing and experimentation to fine tune your focus.

The best ways to maximize your campaign

Once you send out your direct mail campaign, your work is not over. To further capitalize on the piece requires refinement. Study the results of the initial direct mail campaign to see what you might be able to do differently next time to achieve a better result. For instance, it is essential that you keep your customer list current and up-to-date as you receive responses.

Also, personalization in your direct mail campaign can make a big difference. Wherever it makes sense to incorporate the customer’s name you should do so—think beyond just the envelope! Another easy way to personalize a campaign is by including images of your staff, trucks, etc. so clients come to see you as people and not just a faceless company.

What happens after your direct mail

It can be tempting to let your direct mail campaigns bear the brunt of your marketing efforts. Unfortunately, you need to do more. Yes direct mail campaigns can be highly effective, but to take your business to the next level they have to be backed up with other marketing efforts. Direct mail is not a one-and-done affair; you will need to plan for multiple mailings to achieve success. Following-up with those who responded, as well as those who didn’t, on the phone and email can be a highly educational way to fine tune your efforts.

Finally, don’t be afraid to re-purpose direct mailers in your sales kits or as handouts at local events you may be participating in. In fact, placing a high volume print order may net you a printing discount, saving you money in the long run.

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