“Investing in your Success”

Lawn fertilization and weed control from Spring-Green

Lawn fertilization and weed control, sometimes called “weed and feed,” is Spring-Green’s most popular lawn service. Each new year, Spring-Green franchisees and field service professionals (FSPs) assess clients’ lawns and provide individualized lawn care programs based on what’s needed most. During the evaluations, we often find new and current customers that have been doing an impeccable job maintaining their own lawns (watering when needed and regularly checking for possible problem areas), but there are others who may have let their yard go for years and need a more intense program to repair the damage. Spring-Green professionals are prepared for all situations.

As summer continues and homeowners are faced with environmental elements such as droughts and insects, each lawn takes on a “personality” of its own. We get countless questions submitted via Harold Enger’s Ask an Expert blog asking him to identify various fungi and what can be done to fix the problem. With Spring-Green, an answer is usually just a phone call or email away.

One of the benefits of using a professional lawn and tree care service like Spring-Green is knowing you have an expert on your lawn six to eight times a year. FSPs are trained to identify problem areas in lawns before customers even know about them. Several FSPs and franchisees are equipped with iPads powering a powerful, custom-built software program and can instantly research solutions and email customers information, and others will leave a note on a homeowner’s door. A simple phone call or return email is all is takes to have your Spring-Green professional back on your lawn to tackle any problems. No appointments are necessary, and owners do not have to be home for Spring-Green to keep their customers’ lawns looking healthy and trouble-free.